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As Puga, we manage the end-to-end digital marketing communication of our brands. We optimize the digital strategies of the companies we consult to increase their visibility in online channels, strengthen their interaction with their target audiences and increase their conversion rates.


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Social Media Management

Right Medium + Right Time + Right Content

Digital Advertising

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Web Management

Digital Representation
Dozens of brands from different sectors made a difference with us

  • Digital Agency
  • Meta
  • Google
  • Yandex
Puga Agency

SEM - SEO Search Engine

  • Creative
  • e-commerce
  • social media
  • sms marketing
  • email marketing
Social Media SM

Creative Agency
  • Creative
  • e-commerce
  • social media
  • sms marketing
  • email marketing


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Year Experience


Happy Customer

A team that performs its work meticulously. We have worked together on many different projects and we have achieved good results that we have been rewarded in many ways.

Burak Korucu

Founding Partner - Desibel Agency
"Just 6 months after we started working with Puga, we increased our e-commerce revenues by nearly 500%. They are a team with high motivation and established work disciplines."

Mehmet Horoz

Verda Retail and Wholesale Manager
“We have grown above our targets with the 360-degree consultancy we received to move our business to digital. “It is the right address for those who want a meticulous work in the field of digital marketing.”

Fikret Şengül

Founder - Marisis
“We worked with Puga on website setup and SEO service. “We have received very successful feedback, ranking among the first in the online world within the scope of the services we provide.”

Ozan Yurdugül

Founder/İstanbul Marine

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